How coaching helped me start My Pilates Tribe

Coaching with Janine

I love my sessions with Janine. I always come away feeling so inspired and full of ideas and energy. Today we met to talk through some of the planning I’ve been working on to launch My Pilates Tribe and I was really struggling to get down on paper what I’m planning to do differently and the Why behind my new business.

Janine is great at asking the right questions to just get me to pour my heart out (poor woman has to listen to me going on and on, when I could just get my point across in a sentence or two!).

With some gentle questioning, we got to the core of why I want to launch this business and whilst Pilates sits at the centre of it, the ‘Tribe’ part is something that really comes from the heart. I want to connect people that feel ‘just like me’, I want us to all come together, to chat about everything and anything. Sure we’ll all love Pilates and reap the benefits of exercising together, but it will be more than that.

It will be a group of like-minded people sharing thoughts, ideas, questions and feeling part of something..

How talking to people helped me

When I stopped working earlier this year, I found I had the space and time to actually talk to people! I met lots of brilliant mums on the school run, ladies at my yoga and Pilates classes and like-minded people through some of the volunteering I do.

What I discovered from talking to people was so grounding and really helped me through a tricky time, when my mental health was wavering. All these people around me were just like me. They found life a bit of a juggling act, they too felt that everyone else was doing things better than them. They were worriers, over-thinkers, ‘not enough hours in the day’ers!! The conversations I had with these women helped me so much. They made me feel normal, that life really is a rollercoaster (thanks Ronan!) – I had found my tribe, people just like me, and they made me feel that everything was going to be okay.

Why My Pilates Tribe

Janine really helped me to understand the real Why of what I’m doing. I do have a real passion for Pilates and what it can do for the body and mind and I want to share that, but I also want to connect people, so we can all feel we’re part of something – a tribe. A supportive group of like-minded people who just get it (whatever it is) and can be there and just have each others’ backs. 

So, as I’m writing this, full of excitement and enthusiasm for launching My Pilates Tribe, I’m calling out to anyone out there who feels a bit lost sometimes. Come and join the tribe! Yes, I’ll be running some Pilates classes locally as part of this, but the idea of the tribe is so much more. What do you think?

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