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My Pilates Tribe offer live online classes so you can enjoy the benefits of Pilates in your own home. 
Face to face classes are currently on hold.
You can choose from a variety of classes; mixed ability classes offer different levels to best suit you, the NEW essential Pilates class focuses on back to basics,
 barre classes focus on lower body & posture or maybe you need a relaxation & stretching class; there’s something for everyone. 

Be your best you and come and join the tribe.

Class Timetable

All classes are currently online. A return to halls coming in May, subject to Government guidance.

Online classes are LIVE and via Zoom. All classes are recorded and available on catch up to monthly online passholders.


What is Pilates and how will it benefit you?

Pilates was created nearly 100 years ago, back in 1926, when Joseph Pilates set up his first studio in New York with his wife, Clara.
Originally called ‘Contrology’, the programme focuses on six principles, namely Control, Breathing, Concentration, Centring, Precision and Flow.

Core stability is at the heart of Pilates and with regular practice you can train your core stability, leading to better balance, improved posture and better muscle tone.

Your core includes muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen and these work together to help stabilise the whole body.

Practicing Pilates can help with back pain by working to strengthen and stabilise the muscles that support the spine.

 It can also help improve flexibility, build muscle strength and also has a very positive effect on the mind.
Pilates promotes mindfulness, as you shut off the outside world to concentrate on each exercise, helping you connect mind and body.

As Joseph himself said, “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions and have a completely new body in thirty sessions