About Me

Hi, I’m Helen, founder of My Pilates Tribe and this is a little bit about my Pilates story.

How it all started

I’ve been practicing Pilates for around 12 years, since my first class back in 2008. I am a big fan of keeping fit, enjoying lots of activity and running in my younger years. But in my early twenties, I struggled with regular back pain and I was diagnosed with a scoliosis (a curve in my lumbar spine).

At that time, a brilliant physio recommended Pilates as a way to help strengthen my core and all the supporting muscles. Many of the exercises she taught me were Pilates-based, so I booked a beginners’ course. I was hooked from the first class. 

Not only was I doing something to help my back pain, but I was taking time and space for myself. This was probably my first experience of mindfulness, although I didn’t realise at the time.

Even now, mat time is me time and I love the way that the controlled breathing and precise exercises relax me.

With regular practice, I started to feel more toned and improving my core strength helped alleviate some of the muscle tension in my lower back muscles, brought on by my scoliosis.

Becoming more aware of my posture, I would often find myself correcting the way I was standing or sitting and I found myself drawing in my core muscles more and more.

I was a Pilates convert.

Helen Gee found of My Pilates Tribe

Founding My Pilates Tribe

Fast forward to February 2019 and I found myself signed off work for a few weeks.

Having space to think about life and with the help of a fantastic life coach, I had a lightbulb moment. As someone super interested in health and wellbeing, I wondered if I could make a career of it. I loved Pilates and wanted to share the benefits, but changing careers after 20 years  was a terrifying prospect. 

I spent time with the idea and before long, quit my job and was training to be a Pilates instructor.

I’m now a Level 3 qualified Pilates instructor and am excited to share my passion for Pilates.

My Pilates Tribe is for everybody and I really believe everyone can benefit. Maybe you’d like to get stronger or improve your flexibility. Or you could improve your posture or balance. Perhaps you’d just to have an hour of quiet time, just for you, on the mat. Whatever your reason, you’re welcome. Take a look at the timetable of classes and I look forward to seeing you soon.