Trigger Point Pilates

Sitting on massage balls

What is Trigger Point Pilates?

Trigger Point Pilates, (TPP) works on the connective tissue, or fascia, in the body. It combines Pilates-style moves with myofascial principles, using props like a long foam roller and massage balls. It helps to release tension that may have built up in the fascia, for the whole body.
It is very gentle, think of it like a self-massage class.

Classes follow a series of systematic exercises, to unwind the fascia, helping to release tension in the connective tissue. The massage balls target trigger points, a tender or sensitive area within the muscular or fascial tissue, to work their magic and release stress in different areas of the body.

A little bit about fascia

Fascia is the connective tissue that lays just under the surface of our skin. Think of it like the netting that carries a bag of satsumas, or a type of ‘body clingfilm’ – it holds everything together. Restrictions in fascia can cause chronic pain conditions, yet fascia cannot be seen by MRI scans or X-Rays. The more we discover about fascia, the more we understand how important it is to every cell in the body.

Injury or trauma such as a fall, collision or surgery can affect the fascia system, as can repetitive physical stress, for example, an avid tennis player or golfer continually repeating a specific move, or a desk worker typing away at a keyboard.

Posture can also play a big part in affecting fascia; poor alignment, imbalance in the body, text neck, rounded shoulders, misalignment in the pelvis – all will be pulling the connective tissue and creating change in the fascia matrix and could cause discomfort and pain around the body.

Infection, pain, inflammation, fluctuating hormone levels, emotions, too much movement, not enough movement! It can all play a role and could be contributing to pain that you’re feeling in your body. The good news is that Trigger Point Pilates is something you can do to help yourself.

What happens in a TPP class?

Classes are 60 minutes long. We start lying on the long foam roller to help soften tissue. Lying on the roller helps to bring balance to your your sympathetic (fight and flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous systems.

 Next we move onto the massage balls, working around the body to release tension in key trigger point areas. Movement is very slow and gentle and there is an emphasis on nasal breathing (breathing in and out through the nose) to produce nitric oxide which helps with healing at a cellular level.

The class is very relaxing! And you may feel tired afterwards. Many people who have tried a class have said they enjoyed a fabulous night’s sleep after coming!

Lying on long foam roller

TPP will work for most bodies. As long as you are able to get down onto the floor and lie on a mat, this class should be suitable for you.
This type of work for the body is especially good for people living with chronic pain – ongoing pain, sometimes without cause. But it is excellent maintenance for every body!

Classes take place at Camberley Guide Headquarters, Crabtree Road on a Wednesday morning 10-11am and cost £11 per class or can be booked as part of a class pass.

Please note: You will need to have your own equipment for a class. TPP is something that you can continue at home, helping to keep your body mobile, flexible and happy!

Equipment for this class includes a specific, long foam roller, 2 myofascial roller balls and a light resistance band. The massage balls have been created for Trigger Point Pilates and are different to the hard, spiky balls available on Amazon and similar. I have put together a package of these items at £38 for the bundle, which you can order through me.